How should you protect your ears to avoid tinnitus and deafness?

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Ears are very important to humans. In daily life, in addition to protecting our children's ears, we must also avoid dangerous actions that can damage the ears. The ears not only have many functions and heavy tasks, but also other potential diseases can be seen from some small changes in the ears. The health of the ears is often ignored by us. It can be heard that many people overuse this "stereo surround sound system". The World Health Organization released a set of data. Currently, about 1.1 billion young people aged 12-35 around the world are at risk of irreversible hearing loss. Excessive volume of personal audio devices has become the "third cause of hearing loss." A killer."

How to protect your ears to avoid tinnitus and deafness?

Be careful when wearing headphones, not too long. There is a very common phenomenon now, especially among the younger generation. Whether they are walking, waiting for a bus, riding a bus, or eating, they always hold a mobile phone in their hands and headphones in their ears. Some people even do this while working. To listen to music, wear headphones. It feels like he has been wearing headphones all day. I have talked to many friends, and I have also experienced it myself. After listening to music with headphones for a long time, I will always feel a dull pain in my ears. Because we are young and healthy, we still can’t feel it now, but I can be sure that soon, my ears will feel pain. Something will always go wrong. Therefore, friends who love listening to music should try to pay attention to the balance between work and rest. Take a break for about an hour to let your ears breathe.

Try to pick your ears as little as possible, and never use sharp tools to pick your ears. If we often use headphones to listen to music or other things, our ears are more likely to produce more earwax, which will occasionally be accompanied by itching. I feel like this when I often wear headphones. I always want to pick out my ears, and sometimes I accidentally hurt my ears. Fortunately, I haven't hurt them yet. Moreover, it’s easy to get addicted to the comfortable feeling of frequently picking out your ears. There was a time when I particularly liked picking out my ears. It was very comfortable. Therefore, for the health of your ears, try to remove your ears as little as possible.

Pay attention to cleaning the outer ears every day, and pay more attention to washing around the ears when washing your face every day. Sometimes we may not notice that there is often a lot of dirt left on the outer part of our ears and behind the ears because we cannot see it and no one pays attention to it. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the outer part of our ears more often, especially behind the ears. I Generally, when you wash your face every day, you should intentionally wash behind your ears. Basically, that’s enough.

Take a bath, and clean the ears in time. When taking a shower, washing your hair, or when we swimPay attention to the waterproofing of the ears. Water will always get into the ears accidentally, especially when unclean water is used. Be sure to clean it up in time, otherwise it will easily become inflamed. If there is water in the shower after washing your hair, just come out and clean it with a cotton swab. If you get wet while swimming, turn your head to one side, jump on tiptoes, and the water will come out. Then just use a cotton swab to clean it a little.

For the sake of fashion, be careful when piercing your ears, and try to place them on the earlobes. Especially today's non-mainstream generation, whether they are boys or girls, it seems that some of their ears are full of piercings and covered with all kinds of accessories. I think it can only be said that it looks fashionable and has caught up with the trend, but you have to know that the damage to the ears is quite serious. I personally suggest that the ear piercing should be done on the earlobe. It should be simple rather than beautiful, elegant and generous.

Reasons for work: For example, call center customer service staff should perform ear massage by themselves as often as possible. Many of us need to use headphones frequently due to work reasons. For example, customer service staff in call centers need to answer calls and listen to recordings for 8 hours a day. My wife used to have this problem. Over the past few years, her ears often hurt, and now they are a bit inflamed. , it will be better without headphones. Because of this, I changed jobs and often massaged my ears. I feel much better now. It is suggested that if you are also a customer employee, then if you find that your ears are particularly tired, you should pay more attention and give yourself massages after get off work. If there are already problems with your ears, it is recommended to change jobs.

Develop good living habits. Eat less high-fat foods. Excessive cholesterol concentration in the blood can cause atherosclerosis in the blood vessel walls. Arteriosclerosis reduces the blood supply to the inner ear and causes malnutrition of the auditory organs, leading to hearing loss or deafness. Insist on regular ear massage. Each part of the ear and 49 acupuncture points are closely related to the internal organs. Massage the auricle and pull the auricle according to the degree of redness, three times a day, which is quite beneficial. Actively treat colds, because colds can affect the ventilation of the Eustachian tube (the tube from the pharynx to the middle ear cavity). In addition, if you blow your nose too hard and improperly, the germs in the nose may accidentally enter the middle ear cavity, easily causing middle ear suppuration and infection, and affecting hearing. Avoid the use of ototoxic drugs, such as streptomycin, gentamicin, kanamycin, neomycin, quinine and their derivatives, to avoid drug-toxic deafness. These drugs are especially prohibited for infants and young children. Excessive mood swings can cause spasm and contraction of capillaries throughout the body, causing a severe slowdown of blood flow in the auditory vessels of the inner ear, leading to microcirculation disorders, resulting in hypoxia of the auditory nerve in the inner ear, leading to sudden deafness.

What are the foods that can improve hearing

1, Foods rich in P-carotene and vitamin A
Such as carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes, eggs, lettuce, zucchini, fresh oranges, etc. Carotene and vitamin A can provide nutrients to the sensory cells of the inner ear and middle ear epithelial cells, and enhance the vitality of ear cells.

2. Foods rich in zinc

Such as fish, lean meat, beef and mutton, dairy products, beer, yeast, sesame, walnuts, peanuts, soybeans, brown rice, whole Wheat noodles, etc. Zinc can promote fat metabolism and protect ear arteries and blood vessels.

3. Foods rich in magnesium

Such as red dates, walnuts, sesame seeds, bananas, pineapples, mustard greens, day lilies, spinach, kelp, seaweed and cereals. A lack of magnesium in the ear arteries can affect the function of the ear arteries and lead to hearing loss.

4. Foods rich in vitamin D and calcium

Such as bone soup, skimmed milk, calcium tablets, etc. Vitamin D and calcium can not only maintain the small bones in the tympanum, strengthen the ear bones, avoid otosclerosis like osteoporosis, but also purify the ear arteries and improve ear function.