Feel like your hearing is getting worse? What's going on?

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As we age, especially middle-aged people over 50, they will gradually feel that their hearing is slowly declining. Of course, they may not notice it at first. More often, it is the people around them or their children. I brought it up and found that my hearing had declined somewhat.

Feel like your hearing is getting worse? What's going on?
In fact, this is a normal phenomenon. This kind of deafness is generally presbycusis, which is caused by the decline of the auditory organs. According to audiology research, men begin to experience hearing loss after about the age of 45, and women start to experience hearing loss later. With the extension of human lifespan and the increase in the elderly population, the incidence of deafness in the elderly has also increased.

If you find that your hearing is getting worse and worse, you must first find the cause of the disease, and secondly, you need to do a physical examination and auxiliary examinations, such as ear endoscopy, nasal endoscopy, Fiber nasopharyngoscopy, audiology examination, imaging examination, and blood test. If it is found that the cause of the disease can be quickly eliminated in a short period of time, the hearing may quickly return to normal. If it is a neurological injury, irreversible nerve damage lasting more than three months will lead to permanent deafness. For deafness caused by inflammation or space-occupying lesions, drug treatment or surgical treatment can be used. Finally, hearing aids can be used to improve hearing.

Some people find that their hearing is getting worse since wearing hearing aids. What is going on?

Some patients wear their hearing aids too casually. For example, they like to turn up the sound of their hearing aids too loudly. Although they can indeed hear more sounds when wearing them, over time they are actually harmful to their ears. It is an injury equivalent to noise, causing hearing to become worse and worse.

Secondly, the patient himself has progressive hearing loss, such as typical large vestibule, Meniere's disease, or presbycusis, etc. These hearing losses themselves will cause Continuous or sudden decline has nothing to do with whether or not you wear a hearing aid.

Thirdly, hearing involves psychoacoustics. After getting used to wearing a hearing aid, there will be a little psychological dependence. There will be an illusion that the hearing is not as good as before after taking it off. In fact, if you do a professional hearing test, the before and after hearing is There is no difference.

Of course, if you find that your hearing is getting worse recently,Seek medical treatment promptly to get the best treatment time. When it is confirmed that there is no cure, a professional hearing aid fitter should be selected as soon as possible for scientific testing and fitting. Choose a hearing aid that suits your hearing needs.