Is it tinnitus or brain tinnitus that causes hearing loss?

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Many people believe that deafness is a unique disease of the elderly. As people age, their body functions deteriorate, resulting in hearing loss and inability to hear sounds clearly. However, with the development of society and the emergence of noise, deafness has become increasingly younger and has become a major vigilance issue among young people.

Is tinnitus or cerebral tinnitus causing hearing loss? What is tinnitus? Ringing in the head is ringing in the head. It is often caused by empty brain marrow, or caused by fire stagnation or phlegm-dampness blockage, and is a mental disease characterized by a conscious moth-eaten sound in the brain. The patient feels that there are various sounds in his head, such as running water, buzzing, birdsong, insects, etc., which may be continuous or persistent, making people restless, restless, and unbearable. , often accompanied by tinnitus, soreness of waist and knees, dizziness, dizziness, memory loss and other symptoms, affecting sleep, life, work, etc. There are more elderly patients, and more women than men, ranging from 40 to 70 years old.

Cerebral tinnitus is mainly neurological. It may be accompanied by neurological lesions and the location of the tinnitus is unclear. It involves the entire brain or is variable. The tinnitus is persistent and usually lasts 24 hours a day. Symptoms are at night. heavier.

What is tinnitus

Tinnitus is a subjective feeling of the human ear in the absence of external sound or electrical stimulation. The sound is intermittent or continuous. It is worth noting that tinnitus is an illusion that occurs in the auditory system. It is a symptom rather than a disease. Can cause nerve ringing. It can also be said that abnormal sound produced in the absence of any stimulation or sound is tinnitus.

The cause refers to tinnitus caused by diseases in the ear itself. Nowadays, tinnitus is caused by neurological diseases caused by other organs of the body, such as tinnitus in the brain. Tinnitus is generally accompanied by hearing loss and other conditions.

If you are exposed to a noisy environment for a long time, tinnitus, which is an ear disease, will also occur. If this happens, it means that deafness is not far away from you. . Under normal circumstances, tinnitus will occur if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, or drug allergies, because your ears are relatively sensitive. If you take irritating drugs for a long time, you will definitely experience tinnitus, and in severe cases, deafness. Now everyone knows why many patients suffer from deafness due to drug poisoning. The last point is fever, which usually occurs in children. If the fever is not resolved, deafness will occur.

What causes hearing loss?

Deafness can be divided into congenital deafness and acquired deafness. I feel that everyone is more concerned about acquired deafness. There are many causes of acquired deafness, mainly including: noise-induced hearing loss, drug-induced hearing loss Hearing loss, senile hearing loss, hearing loss caused by trauma or inflammation, and other sudden hearing loss.

Don’t panic if you encounter sudden hearing loss. Please go to the hospital immediately, or you can use some apps to briefly test your hearing before going to the hospital. In any case, do not jump to conclusions on your own, because there are many causes of hearing loss. The hospital needs to do some examinations and gradually investigate to finally determine the cause of hearing loss.